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Does Email Marketing Still Work?

By Chris Blair

I often hear clients say, “email marketing doesn’t work.” From our experience, even as we move into the mid 2020s, nothing could be further from the truth!

The keys to effective email marketing are:

  • Having a solid contact list.

  • Writing useful and engaging emails.

  • Making it easy for people to unsubscribe.

First, a “solid” contact list means maintaining a list of prospects that have, at the very least, expressed interest in your service or product. Maybe you’ve given them an estimate on a project or you’ve spoken by phone, email or in-person about working for them. If you sell online, simply emailing past customers certainly counts as a “solid” contact list.

Emailing to an unqualified list IS a waste of time. But if your contacts think enough about your company to buy from you or inquire about a project, then most of those people won’t mind receiving occasional emails from you, especially if those emails give them information or incentives that are useful.

Second, everyone appreciates an email with valuable information – whether it’s a tip to make their days easier or a cost-effective way to improve their lifestyles.  And emails with discounts or incentives are VERY effective.

Third, nothing is more infuriating than struggling to unsubscribe from emails. If a prospect has to hunt for the unsubscribe link or it requires multiple clicks to get the job done, you’ve made it too difficult.

Finally, email marketing is inexpensive when compared to other advertising. Emails typically cost pennies to send and if your email campaigns generate just ONE sale, they will often pay for themselves.

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